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354 W. Adams STE 3, Sisters OR 97759



Our Mission 

to nurture our community by providing exceptional care to those who seek our services inside the clinic and cultivate a spirit of reciprocity and gratitude for the community at large that nurtures us.

Bigfoot Wellness offers chiropractic and massage services and is located in Sisters, Oregon.

We started in 2016

Our Services


Our chiropractors take great pride in helping people eliminate pain, improve their physical ability, create health, and experience the best quality of life possible. We utilize advanced soft tissue techniques and rehab therapies to yield exceptional results for both the performance-oriented patient and those with everyday aches. Difficult cases welcome!  Book Now with Mirei to schedule a chiropractic counsel today!

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage differs from a typical massage in that it targets the layers of muscle and tissue underneath what is typically targeted by relaxation massage therapists. Deep Tissue Massage uses stronger strokes and friction movements to access the muscle layers. As a result, some clients may feel sore for one or two days afterward. Deep tissue massage helps alleviate back pain and physical fatigue breaks up scar tissue, improves circulation, and exercises weak or tight muscles. Book Now with Lydia or Shena to schedule your Deep Tissue Massage today!



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Massage and Chiropractic Care in Sisters, Oregon

354 W. Adams St, Sisters, Oregon 97759


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