I'm am taken aback by the generosity, ingenuity, and reinvention of the universe.

Here I was, just one little person doing my best to care for and direct person by person towards ease in their bodies, confidence in their lives, and surety in their healing. Now we are all here asking ourselves bigger questions about how and why amidst COVID-19. Let us continue to care for and consider one another, seeking opportunities to be of service to one another while minimizing harm.

The privilege of giving patient's their livelihoods back, functionality back, and dreams back is my greatest reward. I am embarking upon a path to share my knowledge base. The current circumstances have accelerated my greater aims. I have a new chiro...

Joyce Burk Brown has launched a new health business in Sisters and Bend called West Meets East.  It is a combination of her 38 years of western medicine in Occupational Therapy (physical medicine rehabilitation and movement specialist) with 15 years of eastern medicine - Qigong and more recently Reiki and Awakened Heart Healing (trauma release through energy work).  She will be giving a free lecture on a new way to look at health on:

Wednesday October 18th at 5:45-6:45 p.m.  

Big Foot Wellness - 329 East Main Avenue, Suite 1A in Sisters

The focus of the talk will be on OT, Qigong (like Tai Chi) and Reiki (Japanese relaxation and energy work) including some exercises and movement experiences.  Those attending will have a opportunity to learn mo...

Fall Essential Oils Classes at Bigfoot Wellness with Sarah Conroy, DC and Kim Hapke, ND

In each class you will learn:

  1. safe and effective uses of therapeutic grade essential oils for adults AND kids

  2. how to easily incorporate therapeutic grade essential oils into your lifestyle.

  3. how to purchase therapeutic grade essential oils

All are on Saturdays starting at 10am.

Our next 2 classes will be held:

December 2 Holiday gifts-make and take bath salts

December 16 Holiday Stress support

RSVP with Dr. Sarah Conroy

Did you know that many of the pharmaceutical medications have their active ingredients derived from plants? While prescriptions serve an important role in our broader health care picture, looking to their origins for effective and safe alternatives is on the research forefront. For example, lavender oil has been shown to have a powerful and positive effect for those who may struggle with interrupted sleep ( It does not carry the same risk of dependance as common prescription sleep aids and also has known anti-inflammatory properties. Talk about double duty! 

Want to learn more about effective, powerful, and safe alternatives that may help you and your family with everyday concerns? Come to ou...

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. We all want get our MOVE on, exercise that is, but life and lack of motivation tend to get in the way. What if you only had a few minutes? What if you could shave some time off your current workout allotment or get better results in the same amount of time? The research may suprise you. Evidence shows you can get MORE results in a shorter amount of time by incorporating "intensity intervals" - all ages and ability levels can give a try and reap the rewards.

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