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Our Team of Practitioners

Dr. Ann Griffin

Ann is a native Oregonian and a Kona, HI transplant to Sisters. After several years in practice, she realized traditional diagnosis and treatment algorithms were woefully inadequate to get the kind of results she wanted for her patients. So she developed Symptom Evolution, a revolutionary new way to see the body that can move the everyday person and high performing athlete through their stuck points. Complex cases preferred! When she's not helping folks achieve their goals, she enjoys chasing her kiddos, hiking, skiing, and lifting weights. UPDATE: Dr. Griffin is not currently accepting new patients. Please seek care with Dr. Mirei Eckman or Chandra Miller at our office - they are both certified Symptom Evolution practitioners!

Appointments via phone:                         or ONLINE!


Dr. Mirei Eckman

Dr. Mirei Eckman is a native Oregonian who loves everything the region has to offer. As an avid rock climber, hiker, bike rider, general outdoors enthusiast and gym-goer, Dr. Eckman believes keeping the body active is just one part of the health equation. She is a certified Symptom Evolution therapist. UPDATE: Dr. Eckman is currently transitioning to Portland OR. We are lucky to have her on the weekends through the month of May. She will also be available one weekend per month through June and July. Her spirit and skills will be sorely missed by the Bigfoot Wellness family. Catch her while you can!

Appointments via phone:                       or ONLINE!


Chandra Miller, LMT

Chandra Miller has been a Sisters Oregon resident for almost 30 years.  With a background in kinesiology and exercise science she worked as a personal trainer for 7 years before going back to COCC to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. Now certified as a Symptom Evolution therapist as well,  Chandra weaves together a mix of deep tissue, myofascial release and neuromuscular therapy with Gua Sha and cupping into a unique massage tailored to the individuals needs.  Also specializing in prenatal massage, she loves working with mamas to be and providing relaxation and pain relief during pregnancy.  When Chandra is not working you can find her hiking or running in the woods and mountains with her two dogs and her husband. 

Appointments via phone:        Online @ Bigfoot Location:


IMG_0291 (1).jpeg
Appointments via phone:
Janelle Lewis, LMT

Janell’s training in “The Art of Restoration Therapy", sets her aside from other therapists. With over 2,000 hours in Oriental Medicine and 25 years experience, her unique style incorporates acupressure, fire cupping, guasha, MFR, stretching, reiki, meditation and Sound therapy. 


Janell loves to incorporate the symphonic gong, crystal singing bowls, drums, rattles, chimes and the human voice into her healing sessions and bodywork. The use of sound and vibration, emits photons (life force energy). This energy activates light in the body, and from this light, our consciousness is enhanced and expanded, allowing for personal awakening at the DNA level.

Janells work is best suited for those who are feeling stuck physically, emotionally, energetically and ready for change! Her sessions address not only physical ailments but focuses on finding the emotional imbalance in the Chakra System to help with Presence, Sensitivity, Personal Power, Cause & Effect, Speaking your Truth, Intuition and Divine Awareness.

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