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Essential Oils = Powerful Medicine

Did you know that many of the pharmaceutical medications have their active ingredients derived from plants? While prescriptions serve an important role in our broader health care picture, looking to their origins for effective and safe alternatives is on the research forefront. For example, lavender oil has been shown to have a powerful and positive effect for those who may struggle with interrupted sleep ( It does not carry the same risk of dependance as common prescription sleep aids and also has known anti-inflammatory properties. Talk about double duty!

Want to learn more about effective, powerful, and safe alternatives that may help you and your family with everyday concerns? Come to our "Make it and Take it" classes hosted by Dr. Sarah Conroy. The classes are all held on Saturdays @ 10am (Apr-May 2017). Cost is $5/class to cover the cost of supplies. The following is a list of class dates:

April 15th: Essential Oils 101 plus a make and take pain relieving body butter (Ahhh. Much better :)

April 29th: Essential Oils 101 plus a make and take natural insect repellent (Works on the toughest, meanest mosquitoes - Even the Minnesotan kind!! Very effective and non-toxic!)

May 13th: Essential Oils 101 plus make and take natural sunscreen (Come onnnn summer!! Toxic sunscreens - you're not invited..)

Contact Dr. Sarah Conroy if you have questions (or topic requests!): 541.588.2213

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