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Redirection and Results

I'm am taken aback by the generosity, ingenuity, and reinvention of the universe.

Here I was, just one little person doing my best to care for and direct person by person towards ease in their bodies, confidence in their lives, and surety in their healing. Now we are all here asking ourselves bigger questions about how and why amidst COVID-19. Let us continue to care for and consider one another, seeking opportunities to be of service to one another while minimizing harm.

The privilege of giving patient's their livelihoods back, functionality back, and dreams back is my greatest reward. I am embarking upon a path to share my knowledge base. The current circumstances have accelerated my greater aims. I have a new chiropractor under my wings, Dr Mirei Eckman, whom is taking up the torch. I am training her to see what has been missed in the wellness field at large. I am also coming to understand that ANYONE can do what I do. I am grateful and honored to transmit what I have to offer. I am giving credit where is credit is due to our individual powers of innate healing. My role as a healer is merely a traffic director; it's all YOU! Through specific history taking, anyone can identify the true causative agents of symptomology.

I am offering phone consultations and home care regime prescriptions to address symptoms and complaints that are effective. Every little thing that has been thrown in my path has led me here. The current situation has accelerated the need for my knowledge to be shared. What a privilege it is to be an instrument to accomplish the greater understanding and healing at large. Online course curriculum to is in the works..

Join me in trusting the reinvention, though strange and convoluted, is a healing to us all.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Ann G

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